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Optimar International Realty

2214 NE 123rd St.

Sara's Diner
2214 NE 123rd St.
Florida, North Miami

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Sara's Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant 2214 NE 123rd, North Miami, Florida

Est.-1978 Original Owner Same Location Seats - 100 People 4700 Sq.Ft. (incl. Off. & storage) Gross Income - $1.6 m. NOI - $240k Rent (10yr) $4700 Priced to Sell at $399,000



The revenue from the restaurant alone makes this an attractive deal. Gross Income from the restaurant is approx. $1m.


Most of this work is lazy suzanne's, and is mostly from templates. Not a lot has been done to promote the catering dept. Gross income from catering is approx. $200k.

Frozen Pizza and TV Dinners

Again, like the catering, this has not been developed to anywhere. Income from this operation is negligible. It should be noted that the entire operation is computerized, down to the last detail. This covers the restaurant, catering dept., food manufacturing, and franchising income in terms of sales, inventory, ordering, and recipes.

Mater Franchise

Over $100k has been spent developing the paperwork necessary to sell franchises. In other words, upon the sale of this property, one could immediately set up a franchise sales Dept. Currently, there are two franchises: One in Hollywood, FL. on Sterling Rd., the other in North Miami Beach on 163rd St. (centrally located between two major Jewish childrens schools). I feel it would be a very real goal to open at least 10 new franchises in ten different, cities within a one year period. This could be accomplished in one of two ways: 1. New Locations - A completely new franchise. Cost - $25,000 2. Existing Locations - To convert an existing location an existing location to a Sara's franchise at a discounted price of let's say $10,000.

Take The Company Public

I see this company going public within one year. One must realize that what we are talking about is a very well known trade mark that has a great marketing potential. The franchises are like showrooms. The more showrooms one opens the more visibility and therefore the more marketable the stock when one goes public on the stock exchange

There exists one last opportunity

Once the first five income revenues streams have been developed. I feel the entire company would then be positioned to be bought y a major food manufacturing/distribution company. Viable examples would be Birds Eye, Hebrew National, Sara Lee's, etc.